How to Find Top Class Variety in Towels and Bathrobes

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How to Find Top Class Variety in Towels and Bathrobes Empty How to Find Top Class Variety in Towels and Bathrobes

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 16, 2016 3:27 pm

A good towel increases the luxurious feel of an exclusive bath or swimming experience. Pure cotton and soothing colors combined with thick pile and soft texture – a towel has a lot to add to your comfort. That is why when you come to buy towels make sure that you buy from a reputable company only. At SAB Pacific we take the pride to manufacture and supply towels in wholesale as well as retail. Our product comes in wide range of designs and kinds for men, women and kids. The large range of variety include bathroom towels, hand towels, beach towels, hotel towels, bath towels, etc. Having established our name in global towel market we are rated as top best towel suppliers. Years of experience in the textile production has enabled us proficiency.

Whether you are running a healthcare center or own a hotel, you serve the guests in a motel or administer a hospital, your first and most trusted choice of towels is with SAB Pacific. It is not only the quality that we adhere to but we have brought class and sophistication to our towels to make them a choice of modern lifestyle and fashion. Our exquisite collection has a large variety and following are the top categories of towels we supply:

Face Towels

Super soft and absorbent towels in vibrant colors make the collection of face towels outstanding. Being manufactured of pure cotton fiber, face towels are just right for the delicate skin of face. SAB Pacific offers a wide variety in face towels.

Bath Towels

Bath towels are loved in many different colors and the company offers them in a wide range of colors. Fine fabrics with soft texture, these towels are user friendly. Prices are affordable and variety is large. High absorbing ability makes these towels preferable choice of users.


The outstanding features of bathrobes include beautiful patterns and rich texture. Excellent grade cotton is used for manufacturing bathrobes. No matter what size, color or material you choose for these bathrobes, quality is always standard.

Hand towels

Viewing the practicality and frequent use of hand towels, the company produces them with the finest material and latest trends. The variety of patterns and colors is also wide. Soft, pretty and practical, these towels are highly demanded in the market.

Pool/Beach Towels

Pool towels come with specific features. Extra smooth texture, versatile sizes and beautiful designs make these pool towels extra ordinarily functional. Pile thickness is required differently by the pool towel users; that is why the company produces adaptable pool towels to meet the demand of customers.
SAB Pacific productions are world class and stand out the other suppliers with the following flexible features:

• All towels are custom made.
• Size specifications, material composition, fabric and colors customizable.
• Large variety of designs and sizes to choose from.
• Fabulous softness, high durability, improved density and fast colors in beautiful shades.
• 100% cotton, super-absorbent and free from odor
• Customize your company logo
• Choice of embroidered logo or printed logo available.
• Free of chemicals and no-allergy guaranteed
• Enhanced fluffiness with zero-twist cotton lopps.
• Voluminous
• Pre-washed and pre-shrunk
• Quality fabric
• Machine washable

Visit our portal at today and browse through the latest offers. You can find the choice of fashion and quality in all types of towels.


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